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Shivani Saxena

Shivani Saxena


Hello! My name is Shivani Saxena

I am Shivani, a Management Post Graduate from All India Management Association, served Anand Engineering College as Human Resource Department Associate.
Being creative and exploratory by nature, I learned about different aspects of business and life and orchestrated what I know into building entrepreneurship. I with my sister co-founded Shilpi-Shivani Creations.
I am a beauty and wellness coach in Oriflame.
Being ambitious and social in nature, I, fortunately, met with Preeti Goyal Mam, my new inspiration. I shake hands with her to be a part of the Dream Achievers Club.

My Education

  • Rajasthan University

    Bachelor of Science

  • AIMA

    B.Ed., PGCM


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