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Shalini Koolwal

Shalini Koolwal

Team Member

Hello! My name is Shalini Koolwal

I like to recycle and recreate something new from the waste materials i.e. pots from towels and many more things. Earlier, i was working as a Teacher in a private school for about 4 months. Now, i am working with Bharti Airtel Ltd. as an HR (Human Resource Department).I love to explore new things and helps the needy. Some lines about Preeti mam, She is such a wonderful women, I have ever met, a social activist and the Founder of DAC. She aware us how to takecare of our Health and Fitness. I am very greatful to be the part of this family.

My Education

  • Rajasthan University

    Bachelor of Commerce

  • Gyan Vihar University

    MBA in Finance

  • Gyan Vihar University

    Interior Designing (INIFD)


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